Legal Issues on Burma Journal No. 6

No. 6 of Legal issues on Burma Journal contains 5 articles within 4 different scopes:

  • Some thoughts on Burma- Thai relations, an article within the scope of international relations, written by Professor Josef Silverstein. This article analyses the historical basis for the present state of relations between Burma and Thailand. The author explores the various tensions and mutual interests that have been forged and experienced throughout modern history, with a view to acknowledging that history often tells a lot about future relations between nations.
  • Burma human rights body is not all that is needed, an article within the scope of the proposed Human Rights Commission in Burma, written by Khin Maung Win. This article seeks to explore some outstanding issues regarding the proposal for a National Human Rights Commission in Burma, such as the Rule of Law, the military culture and the violations of fundamental freedoms. The author argues the resolution of these issues should take precedence over the proposal for such a commission.
  • Australia takes the wrong road to Rangoon, an article within the same scope, written by Ye Htut. This article is critical towards current Australian government policy to provide human rights training to Burmese government representatives. It also comments on the proposal to establish a Human Rights Commission in Burma.
    Forced Labour, the ILO and Burma, an article within the scope of International Labour Organization, written by Louise Southalan. This article provides a detailed background to the issue of forced labour, Burma's legal obligations under international law and the activities of he ILO regarding forced labour in Burma. It provides detailed information pertaining to the workings of the ILO while analysing the conduct of Burma and the other member states of this international agency.
  • NLD proposed litigation - commentary, an article in the journal's section "In Brief", written by B.K. Sen. This commentary provides an analysis of the recent legal proceedings initiated by the National League for Democracy and further commentary regarding current and pertinent international incidents.
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