Legal Issues on Burma Journal No. 13

No. 13 of Legal Issues on Burma Journal contains 8 articles.

  • John Doe and Others vs. Unocal Corporation and Other (by John Southalan): This a judgment of U.S. Court confirming human rights abuses of the ruling junta, Burma SPDC associated with constraints of a pipeline in Southern Burma. The villagers were subjected to forced labor by the company and the military provided building infrastructure.
  • Anti-Trafficking Human Law in Burma -Need of the Hour- (by B.K. Sen): The article brought out the differences in former legal definition of the term. It focused on the magnitude of the problem and set out the recommended guidelines of human rights commission. The emphasis of the article was to put in place immediately an anti-human trafficking law.
  • "The controlling money Laundering Law" significance of the Press Briefing (by Legal Aid Section): In this article, the latest press briefing on the subject by the SPDC was analyzed. The significance of the press conference was to give assurance to the potential offenders not to panic.
  • Special Features: Charter of Legal Reforms in Burma (by Thein Oo and Janelle Saffin): It is set out in the project the preamble, its description, objectives, and approach. It traces the legal history it marks the legal areas for reform, the need for new laws, the reform process as part of restoration of rule of law. However, this article does not reflect the official platform of the BLC.
  • Interview with Pado Man Shar: This was by leading Karen leader, Pado Man Shar, and it brought out the commitment of Karen national ethnicities to the Federal Union of Burma.
  • Sri Lanka Peace talks: The peace talks in Sri Lanka Between ethnic minorities and majority were mentioned; also what reflection it has on Burma.
  • "Regime change" Burma and Iraq: The differences in situations of the two countries were brought out, although both needed changes.
  • Judicial Laws Exposed, China: This article gives a glimpse as to how China was trying to reform its legal system contrary to Burma.
  • Law Journal in Burma Attorney General or Prosecutor General (Burma)?
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