Legal Issues on Burma Journal No. 15

No. 15 of Legal Issues on Burma Journal contains 5 articles.

  • The State Protection Law Protects The Junta (by Aung Naing Oo): Aung Naing Oo explains the plight of U Kyaw San to illustrate Burma's notorious state Protection Law. Discusses the judicial Procedures and lack of protection or representation and includes that its abolition is a necessary condition for national reconciliation.
  • Ethnic Problems and Constitutional Solutions (by Dr. Alan Smith): Alan Smith gives an erudite exposition of politics of ethnicity in the context of Burma's perennial ethnic problems. The making of a future Constitution of Burma has been made difficult by the military. He has stated that the ethnic leaders in exile have made serious efforts in discussing a Federal Constitution including State Constitutions. Alan Smith has explained lucidly the problem of regional autonomy and federalism. This issue of 8 state formula Vs 14 State formula with diagrams, the rights of minorities. Alan Smith underscores the need for a consensus model of decision making at the national lever rather than pursue a pure form of federalism.
  • Securing Media Freedom in a Democratic Burma: Some Reflection (by Dr. Venkat Iyer): Dr. Venkat argues that Burma's post-independence need of despotism is an obstacle to clear and hard-heading thinking to evolution of a free media.
  • Constitutional, Legal, political and practical protections are needed to guarantee Freedom of Media. Dr. Venkat also elaborates as to whether media should enjoy any special privileges under the law.
  • Preliminary Report of The Ad hoc Committee on Dapayin Massacre (Burma) (by The Ad hoc Committee on Dapayin Massacre): It contains ten items tracing the formation of the Ad-hoc Commission on Depayin Massacre background of the event and the event itself and analysis as to why such event happened. As evidences, affidavits of eye-witnesses interviews, photo exhibits have been included. List of victims, list of persons arrested has also been given to lend authenticity.
  • Dapayin Massacre, Crime Against Humanity, National Reconciliation and Democratic Transition (by Aung Htoo): This is a special article "Depayin Massacre, Crime Against Humanity, National Reconciliation and Democratic Transition", by the
  • General Secretary U Aung Htoo. He has explained the motive behind the crime, namely to deny result of 1990 may election. The fact that is well-planned and directed against a specific "Certain population", he argued, constituted crime against humanity and perpetrators should be brought to justice. Further he submitted that within accountability, genuine dialogue with SPDC was not a reality.
  • Perspective on Federalism and the Future Constitution of Burma:Interview with Colonel Zin Kyone, the General Secretary of the National Democratic Front (NDF)
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