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Legal Issues on Burma Journal No. 14

No. 14 of Legal Issues on Burma Journal contains 10 articles.

  • Thoughts on the U.N. Special Rapporteur to Burma (by Prof Joseph Silverstein): A critical review of the U.N.'s outgoing Special Rapporteur to Burma, Paulo Pinhiero, and an account of his activities in regards to Burma over the past five years. Silverstein asserts that despite his lack of visible success as the Special Rapporteur, Pinheiro's efforts have built a strong foundation for his successor that will most definitely lead to future gains for the Union of Burma.
  • Unocal's Destructive Engagement in Burma- the Lawsuit Ensues (by Danya Marshman): An account of the Unocal/Total pipeline project in Burma, from its beginning stages to the present. Marshman focuses on the legal process undertaken by several human and environmental NGO's in prosecuting the multinational corporations, commenting on the delayed progress of the lawsuit.
  • Criminal Case for a Cause: India's Democracy on Trial (by B.K. Sen): Sen recalls the 1990 hijacking of a Thai Airways flight en route to Rangoon. While the criminal proceedings against alleged hijacker Soe Myint have yet to begin, Sen dictates the statutes of Indian law under which the defendant will be tried and the implications involved.
  • Need for Legal Aid Law in Burma: Problems and Prospects (by B.K. Sen): A historical account of Burma's problems in implementing legal aid contributions. Recommendations are offered on how this assistance can be implemented more effectively.
  • Institutional Legal Aid: Trends and Challenges in the Asian Region (by B. Payoyo, LL.M, Ph.D.): Discusses the legal aid landscape in the developing world and the changing idea of an openly political inspiration to legal assistance. Specific emphasis is placed on legal aid organizations as defenders of human rights.
  • Workshop on Mutual Legal Assistance and the Office of the Attorney General (by Dr. Tun Shein): A caveat is raised. B.K. Sen asks, "Will the Office of the Attorney General convene a workshop on legal aid in Burma and end up with a conclusion recognizing the dire necessity of legal aid law? A representation and critique of Burma's Office of the Attorney General.
  • Interview with Khu Bya Reh: A conversation with the influential Karenni State President on past, present, and future state constitutions. Also discussed is the tripartite dialogue within the transition process.
  • The SPDC and Burma's Constitution: General Than Shwe's Union Day message and the hypocrisy that has preceded it.
  • Comments on how General Than Shwe must act in order to truly follow his promises.
  • The Bank Run in Burma & A Legal Issue: An account of Burma's most recent economic crisis and the additional struggles the government now faces. The need for transparency is highlighted in managing the nation's financial state.
  • The 1973 Interpretation of Expressions Law: Dissecting the outdated statute that allows the junta a centralized grip on the legal system of Burma, making no separation of power between the executive and legislative authorities.
  • The Bar Council Under the SPDC: Shedding light on the selection process of Burma's government advocates.
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