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Issuing publications and making presentations is the other main way (apart from training) in which BLC assists in educating, implementing and improving human rights and the rule of law in Burma.

BLC issues two regular publications: Legal Issues on Burma Journal (ISSN 1513-9174) and Journal of Constitutional Affairs (ISSN 1513-9182). These are funded by the German organization, Friedrich Neumann Stiftung.

Regular Publications
Legal Issues on Burma Journal (No. 1 to 23) (Published in English)
...contains academic articles relevant to legal and political issues in Burma including: constitutional reform, rule of law, federalism, refugees, judicial independence, martial law, and religious freedom. Articles are written by practising lawyers, academics, and experienced Burmese opposition activists from Thailand, India, Ireland, South Africa and other countries.

Journal of Constitutional Affairs (No. 1 to 24)(Published in Burmese)
...contains articles on Burmese legal issues, with a particular emphasis on constitutional reform and the rule-of-law. The journal report on developments in the military junta's 'Constitutional Convention' process and also the democratic/opposition's draft constitution for a future Burma. Some articles provide an international perspective, comparing the constitutional situation and background in other countries.