Statements Released by the BLC ( 2007 )
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The Statement of the Burma Lawyers’ Council On the 60th Anniversary of Union Day Regarding the Unjust Convictions of Shan Ethnic Leaders. (English) (Burmese)
Statement of the Burma Lawyers’ Council Regarding the Threat of Legal Action Against U Aung Shwe, Chair of the National League for Democracy, and U Aye Tha Aung, Secretary of the Committee Representing People’s Parliament. (English) (Burmese)
Statement of the Burma Lawyers’ Council Regarding the Arrests of Peaceful Demonstrators in Burma. (English) (Burmese)
Appeal to Lawyers inside Burma for Reactivation of the Burma Bar Council and Bar Associations and Reformation of the Burma Judiciary. (English) (Burmese)
"Korean Court continued its trial on the case of Daewoo International." (English) (Burmese) .
International Seminar on Human Rights in Japan. (English) (Burmese)
Statement of the Burma Lawyers’ Council Regarding the SPDC’s Unlawful Support to the DKBA. (English) (Burmese)
Statement of the Burma Lawyers' Council On Unlawful Arrest and Detention of Demonstrators in Burma. (English) (Burmese)
Urging Action from the ILO on the Forced Labour Situation in Burma. (English) (Burmese)
BLC Statement on Depayin Massacre and other International Crimes Taking Place in Burma. (English) (Bumese)
Legal Analysis on Heinous Crimes in Burma. (English) (Burmese)
Request for ILO Intervention in Burma for Violations of ILO Principles by the
Ruling Military Regime
. (English) (Burmese)
A Critique of the SPDC Constitutional Principles1. (English)
Conclusive Analysis on the SPDC’s Constitutional Principles. (English) (Burmese)
Statement Demanding that the SPDC Take Immediate Action Against Security Forces for Shooting Peacefully Demonstrating Monks. (English) (Burmese)
Security Council Must Hold Military Junta In Burma Criminally Accountable. (English) (Burmese)
Appeal from the Burma Lawyers’ Council to Police Officers inside Burma for a Neutral, Independent and Collaborative Police Force. (English) (Burmese)
Statement on Mr. Ibrahim Gambari's October 5, 2007 Briefing to the UN Security Council. (English) (Burmese)
Consultation on the International Criminal Court and the Rule of Law: Burma and Thalland. (English) (Burmese)
Recommendations for Reform to Promote the Rule of Law (For the Refugee People from Burma as well as the Kingdom of Thailand). (English) (Burmese)
Immediate Action Needed in Response to Killing of Karenni Refugee. (English) (Burmese)


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