Statements Released by the BLC ( 2008 )
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BLC Legal analysis on regarding special appeal court order to U Kyaw Min, a member of CRPP cases in 2006. (English) (Burmese)
BLC Legal Analysis on "U Tin Htay Vs State" Case. (English) (Burmese)
Statement of justic. (English) (Burmese)
The Burma Lawyers’ Council demands that the SPDC officially announce and release their confirmed Draft of the Constitution. (English) (Burmese)
BLC Statement Regarding to the SPDC Committed Killing on Seven July. (English) (Burmese)
BLC review (1) on SPDC's referendum (English) (Burmese)
BLC Statement to Abolish the SPDC's Regulation 5/96. (English) (Burmese)
Demanding Justice. (English) (Burmese)
BLC Statement on Dissolving the Referendum Commission and May 10 Result. (English) (Burmese)
BLC Statement on Regarding 36 Prisoners Died Under Shooting in Prison. (English) (Burmese)
BLC Statement Regarding to Cyclone Damages Committed International Crimes By the SPDC's Systematic Avoiding Action. (English) (Burmese)
Statement regarding on dissolving the Referendum Commission
(English) (Burmese)
Burma Lawyers’ Council Warns of SPDC Delays and Trickery. (English) (Burmese)
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s Detention Should Be Added to the List of the SPDC’s Crimes Against Humanity. (English) (Burmese)
BLC Statement on Depayin Annivasary May 2008 (English) (Burmese)
Catastrophe in Burma a Wake Up Call to the International Community: Time to End Impunity for Heinous Crimes by the Military Regime. (English) (Burmese)
BLC's Statement on 34th Anniversary of June 6 Workers' Strike. (English) (Burmese)
(Open Letter) Zagana Case (Appeal to UN Secretary General). (English) (Burmese)
"The 2010 Election in Burma – A Hopeless Avenue for Human Rights." (English) (Burmese)
(Open Letter) Response to your positive comment on SPDC's 2010 election in Burma. (English) (Burmese)
BLC Statement on Ma Thandar Case. (English) (Burmese)
BLC Statement regarding on law student Ma Honey Oo case.
(English) (Burmese)
The legal analysis to stop illegal and unreligious investigation of Burmese regime. (English) (Burmese)
BLC Statement on Thai Crisis and the Rule of Law. (English) (Burmese)
BLC Statement on Min Ko Naing and 21 other Leaders Case. (English) (Burmese)
A statement of the Burma Lawyers' Council on urging to make public hearing for Main Ko Naing and others twenty-one case. (English) (Burmese)
BLC Statement on Withdraw of Lawyers License of an Advocate U Aung Thein and U Khin Maung Shein. ( English) (Burmese)
BLC Appeal for Criminal Justice System. (English) (Burmese)


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