Statements Released by the BLC ( 2009 )
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Statement of the Burma Lawyers' Council regarding on corruption by the courts and military regimes. (English) (Burmese)
Statement of the Burma Lawyers' Council on regarding to provide passport for the migrant workers according to the agreement between
Thai-Myanmar. (English) (Burmese)
BLC appeal to release all of the long punishment prisoners from the trail cases in the prisons are against to the existing laws and procedures. (English) (Burmese)
BLC appeal to release illegal detention on the formal lawyer's Ko Yan Naing Aung (or) Ko Poe Phyu. (English) (Burmese)
BLC's statement on regarding to sentenced for 27 years imprisonment to Member of Parliament Dr. Tin Min Htut and U Nyi Pu cases by special trail in Isein prison.
(English) (Burmese)
BLC petition to abolish the SPDC announcement in regarding to unlawful associations. (English) (Burmese)
The BLC appeal to abolish the USDA which institute as political parties.
(English) (Burmese)
Statement of the Burma Lawyers' Council on regarding to land confiscation in Burma. (English) (Burmese)
Statement of the Burma Lawyers' Council on regarding to the SPDC ministers themselves participates in persuade voting lobby. (English) (Burmese)
A Statement regarding on the SPDC announcement of the BLC as unlawful association. (English) (Burmese)
A Brief Analysis on the Concept of Preventive Detention and 1975 State Protection Act. (English) (Burmese)
BLC statement regarding on persecution Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.
(English) (Burmese)
BLC appeal to take action on the military regime to International Criminal Court according to Rome statute regarding to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi trial.
(English) (Burmese)
Statement of the Burma Lawyers' Council legal analysis on withdraws license form highest court lawyers' U Aung Thein and U Khin Maung Shein.
(English) (Burmese)
BLC Statement on Depayin Massacre (English) (Burmese)
Statement of the Burma Lawyers' Council on 35 th anniversary of Workers' strike in Burma. (English) (Burmese)
Statement on grievous Hurt caused by SPDC's Local Authority
(English) (Burmese)
U Kyaw Khine the NLD Menber of Parliament, is not Guilty of Defauation
(English) (Burmese)
An appeal to the people of Burma on the 21st anniversary of August 8, 1988
(English) (Burmese)
08-11-2009 The legal analysis regarding to 2009 Criminal case no. 47
(English) (Burmese)
08-27-2009 The legal analysis regarding suspension on DASSK case
(English) (Burmese)


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