Statements Released by the BLC ( 2010 )
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Statement on the SPDC's 2010 election. (English) (Burmese)
Counter statement against SPDC's allegation (English) (Burmese)
Statement on the use of torture to extract confessions. (English) (Burmese)
Legal Analysis on the Daily Increase of SPDC Military Deserters.
(English) (Burmese)
Legal Analysis on abolishing of the Union Election Commission Law and Commission (English) (Burmese)
Legal Analysis on the case of Ko Min Aung and Kyaw Myo Naing (English) (Burmese)
Statement on June 6 Anniversary (English) (Burmese)
Statement on requesting the Writ of Prohibition (English) (Burmese)
Analysis on Than Myint Aung's Case [English] [Burmese]
SPDC Notification No.34 2010 contradicted to their own 2008 Constitution's provision [English] [Burmese]
Statement on a sign of 2008 constitutional crisis even before 2010 election [English] [Burmese]
Statement to abolish the USDP committed illegal and misappropriating the public property [English] [Burmese]
Statement on the order of Maung Taw District Election Commission is illegal and ultra-bias [English] [Burmese]

Demand for the Unconditional Release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi (English) (Burmese)

Legal Statement on the People Military Service Law of SPDC.pdf (English) (Burmese)
Statement on Union Election Commissiont.pdf (English) (Burmese)
Legal Analysis on as of Arkan State Election Commission allowing partiality in campaingning activities.pdf (English) (Burmese)
Statement to abolish the USDP committed illegal and misappropriating the public property.pdf (English) (Burmese)
Statement on the Destruction of Arakan Heritage by SPDC Construction Projects.pdf (English) (Burmese)


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