Section 5 of the Emergency Provisions Act

[Burma Act 17, 1950] (9th March 1950)

 (Unofficial Translation)

5.              Whoever does anything with any of the following intent; that is to say;-

(a)          to depreciate, pervert, hinder, restrain, or vandalise the loyalty, enthusiasm, acquiescence, health, training, or performance of duties of the army organisations of the Union or of civil servants in a way that would induce their respect of the government to be diminished, or to disobey rules, or to be disloyal to the government; or

(b)         to cause, seduce, or urge any member of the army organisations of the Union or any civil servant in a way that would induce him to fulfil his duties improperly, or to fail to perform his duties; or

(c)          to hinder the recruitment of members to the army organisations of the Union, or civil service organisations, or fire brigades, or any other organisations registered or performing as governmental service, or to hamper the performance of duties of such members: or

(d)         to alarm the people or a group of people in a way that would created panic amongst them; or

(e)          to spread false news, knowing, or having reason to believe that it is not true; or

(f)           to hamper, obstruct or harass any transportation, tasks, manufacture or transportation of military weapons and munitions, or supply or distribution of essential items, necessary of effective implementation of the restoration of law and order of the State; or

(g)          to partly or wholly destroy military weapons and munitions in order that they could not be viable or be dangerous, or to endanger or imperil a person involved in transportation or manufacture of transportation of such military weapons and munitions; or

(h)          to make the public lose trust in the State's economy, government loans, government securities, coins and legal tenders distributed wholly or partly in the country or to hamper operational or economic success carried out by the government in order to implement the restoration of law and order successfully; or

(i)            to incite either the public or any other kind of ethnic race or any other person to deny or delay his payment in curried for land revenue, revenue, tax, or any other kind of payment to be paid to the Union, or the federal government, or a board of regional authorities in accordance with the law or with the customs that have the effect of law; or

(j)           to affect the morality or conduct of the public or a group of people in a way that would undermine the security of the Union or the restoration of law and order; or

(k)         to incite civil servants, or a group of civil servants, or any other civil servant to be involved in armed opposition punishable by criminal laws; or

(l)            to directly or indirectly take part in committing the offences prescribed in the Arms Act or the Explosive Ammunitions Act, or the Explosive Substances Act; or

(m)        to directly or indirectly encourage, incite, prepare or show agreement to arrangements or activities for the purpose of defiance or non-abidance of laws, or to avoid abiding by the law, or to hinder compliance of the judicial process or to the restoration or law and order, or to refuse to make payments prescribed in sub-section

(n) or to delay such payments, or to rally people or to prepare to do so or to raise funds to do so in order to develop such activities or programmes, or to directly or indirectly encourage, incite, prepare or show concurrence with the raising funds for that purpose shall be punished with an imprisonment for a term which shall extend to 7 years or with fine or with both.

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