"By vigorously opposing all unjust and oppressive laws, and by helping restore the principle of the Rule of Law, the Burma Lawyers' Council aims to contribute to the transformation of Burma where all the citizens enjoy the equal protection of law under the democratic federal constitution which will guarantee fundamentals of human rights."

The Burma Code Volume 1: The Destruction of Records Act

(INDIA ACT V, 1917.)
(28th February, 1917.)

1-2. * * * *

3. (1) The authorities hereinafter specified may, from time to time, make rules for the disposal, by destruction or otherwise, of such documents as are, in the opinion of the authority making the rules, not of sufficient public value to justify their preservation.

(2) The authorities shall be—

(a) in the case of documents in the possession or custody of the High Court or of the Courts of civil or criminal jurisdiction subordinate thereto,— the High Court ;

The Burma Code Volume 1: The Judicial Officers Protection Act

[India Act XVIII, 1850.]
(4th April, 1850.)

For the greater protection of Magistrates and others acting judicially; It is enacted as follows :--

The Burma Code Volume 1: The Contempt of Courts Act

(INDIA ACT XII, 1926.)
(1st May, 1926.)

1. * * * *

2. The High Court shall have and exercise the same jurisdiction, powers and authority, in accordance with the same procedure and practice, in respect of contempts Courts subordinate to it as it has and exercises in respect of contempts of itself:

Provided that the High Court shall not take cognizance of a contempt alleged to have been committed in respect of a Court subordinate to it where such contempt is an offence punishable under the Penal Code.

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