"By vigorously opposing all unjust and oppressive laws, and by helping restore the principle of the Rule of Law, the Burma Lawyers' Council aims to contribute to the transformation of Burma where all the citizens enjoy the equal protection of law under the democratic federal constitution which will guarantee fundamentals of human rights."

The Burma Code Volume 1: The Constitution Amendment Act, 1951.1

[ACT LXII, 1951.]
(7th November, 1951.)

An Act to amend the Constitution of the Union of Burma.

It is hereby enacted as follows :

1. (1) This Act may be called The Constitution Amendment Act, 1951.

(2) It shall come into force on the date of promulgation except sections 3 and 7 which shall come into force on the date of the dissolution of the Parliament following the first general elections held under section 233 of the Constitution.

2. In section 8 of the Constitution, for the expression "Section 180" the expression "Sections 180 and 181" shall be substituted.

The Burma Code Volume 1: The Public Servants Inquiries Act

(1st November, 1850.)

1. * * * *

2. Wherever the Governor shall be of opinion that there are good grounds for making a formal and public inquiry into the truth of any imputation of misbehavior by any person in the service of the Crown not removable from his appointment without the sanction the Governor, he shall cause the substance of the imputations to distinct articles of charge, and shall order a formal and public inquiry and into the truth thereof.

Burma Code Volume 1: The Public Accounts Default Act

(INDIA ACT XII, 1850.)
(22nd March, 1850.)

1. Every public accountant shall give security for the due discharge of the trusted of his office for the due account of all moneys which shall come into his possession by reason of his office.

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