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Burma Code Volume 1: The Foreigners Act

[INDIA ACT III, 1864.] (12th February, 1864.)

WHEREAS it is expedient to make provision to enable the President of the Union to prevent the subjects of Foreign States from residing or sojourning in Union of Burma, or from passing through or traveling therein, without the consent of the President of the Union ; it is enacted as follows : -

¹1. In this Act, unless the contest otherwise requires, the word "foreigner" shall denote a person who is not a citizen of the Union. -

Burma Code Volume 1: The Burma Laws Act

( INDIA ACT XIII, 1898.)
( 4th November, 1898. )

1 - 4 * * * *

5. The President of the Union may, for administrative including revenue purposes,-

(a) divide Upper Burma into divisions and each of those divisions into districts, and vary the limits of those divisions and districts, and

(b) divide each of those districts into sub-divisions, each of those sub-divisions into townships and each of those townships into circles, and vary the limits of these sub-divisions, townships and circles.

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