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The Burma Code Volume 2: The Works of Defence Act





1. * * * *

2. Definitions.



3. Declaration and notice that restrictions will be imposed.

4. Power to do preliminary acts after publication of notice nuder section 3, sub-section (2).

5. Payment for damage.

6. Futher powers exercisable after publication of notice under section 3, sub-section (2).

7. Restrictions.

8. Land to be marked out, measured, registered and planned.

9. Notice to persons interested.

The Burma Code Volume 2: The Naval Armament Act

[INDIA ACT VII, 1923] (10th November 1923]

WHEREAS it is expedient to give effect in the Union of Burma to the Treaty for the Limitation of Naval Armament and for the Exchange of Information concerning Naval Construction signed in London on behalf of His Britannic Majesty on the twenty-fifth day of March, 1936; It is hereby enacted as follows: —

1. * * * *

2. In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in the subject or context, —

The Burma Code Volume 2: The Burma Auxiliary Force Act



1. Application of Act.

2. Definitions.

3. Constitution of an auxiliary force.

4. Classes who may be enrolled.

5. Enrolment.

6. Liability to undergo military training.

7. Liability to perform military service.

8. Appointment to corps or unit.

9. Preliminary training.

10. * * * *

11. Classification and periodical training.

12. Classification.

13. Variations of training.

14. Medical examination.

15. Transfers.

16. Change of residence.

17. Discharge.

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