"By vigorously opposing all unjust and oppressive laws, and by helping restore the principle of the Rule of Law, the Burma Lawyers' Council aims to contribute to the transformation of Burma where all the citizens enjoy the equal protection of law under the democratic federal constitution which will guarantee fundamentals of human rights."

Bommersvik Declaration II

Convention of Elected Representatives Union of Burma

25 February-1 March 2002
Bommersvik, Sweden

We, the representatives of the people of Burma, elected in the 27 May 1990 general elections (presently serving as members of the National Coalition Government of the Union of Burma and/or the Members of Parliament Union), meeting at the Convention of Elected Representatives held in Bommersvik for the second time, hereby reaffirm -

Our Mandate, Position, and Strategic Objectives

SLORC Detailed Basic Constitutional Principles

Approved by the Military Government's National Convention in Burma


1. Regarding Legislation: -

(a) The legislative power of the state is disseminated to the Union Congress, the Regions Assemblies and the States Assemblies.

(b) The autonomous territories are vested the legislative power according to that provided by the Constitution.

2. Regarding the two assemblies: -

The Constitution of Chinland


Considering the many conspicuous similarities of the various dialectal and cultural groups of the Chin people, which make us closer to each other than the people outside our common frontiers, the technical differences we have, which some people might try to emphasize are outweighed by the similarities we have in our common society,

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