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Mae Tha Raw Hta Agreement


(Mae Tha Raw Hta)

Mae Tha Raw Hta Agreement

We, leaders of Arakanese, Chin, Kachin, Karen Karenni, Mon, Pa-O, Palaung, Lahu, Shan and Wa ethnic nationalities, representing the various organizations as well as the nationalities, attended the seminar held from January 7 to 14, 1997 at Mae Tha Raw Hta in Kawthoolei.

We, leaders of nationalities mentioned above, after frank and cordial discussions in depth, have agreed upon the following terms.

1. Agreement relating to Political Aims

(a) To dismantle the military dictatorship and establish peace n the country;

(b) To practice the democratic political system;

(c) To achieve the rights of equality and self-determination for each and every nationality;

(d) To establish a federal union.

2. Agreement Concerning the SLORC's National Convention

The sham National Convention being held by the SLORC, presently, is for the perpetuation of military dictatorship. Since absolutely no rights will be gained for the ethnic nationalities, we, the Ethnic Nationalities Seminar, do not in any way recognize the SLORC's National Convention and agree to oppose it.

3. Agreement Regarding Tri-partite Dialogue

We, the Ethnic Nationalities Seminar, accept the tri-partite dialogue agreed to by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and called for by the resolutions of the UN and international organizations. The tri-partite dialogue must include three forces, namely the force composed of the National Democratic Front (NDF), Union Nationalities League for Democracy (UNLD), Peace and Democratic Front (PDF) and other ethnic nationalities, the Pro-democracy forces led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and the SLORC military clique.

4. Agreement Relating to Federal Union

We, the Ethnic Nationalities Seminar, unanimously agree to establish a genuine federal union composed of national states having the full rights of national equality and self-determination.

5. Agreement Relating to Economic Policy

Regarding the economic policy, we, the Ethnic Nationalities Seminar, agree to practice a market economic system and invite foreign investments.

However, as foreign investments, at present, are benefiting the SLORC military dictatorship only and increasing its oppressive power, we strongly object to them.

6. Agreement Relating to Narcotic Drugs

We, the Ethnic Nationalities Seminar, unanimously agree to cooperate with international narcotic drug eradication organizations for the eradication of the entire business of narcotic drugs, including cultivation, production and trafficking.

7. Agreement Regarding Pro-democracy Forces

We, the Ethnic Nationalities Seminar, agree to raise the fight, on all sides, in the fields of politics, diplomacy and people's action, for the dismantling of the SLORC military dictatorship.

In this struggle, we agree also to join hands with pro-democracy forces led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, and act unitedly and simultaneously for the achievement of rights of the nationalities as well as democratic rights.

Moreover, we acknowledge the National League for Democracy (NLD) led by Daw Aung San Suu Kyi as the winner of 1990 general election an accordance with the true will of the people and democratic process, we fully support all acts of opposition against the SLORC, by it.

8. Agreement Relating to ASEAN

We, the Ethnic Nationalities Seminar, agree to send letters to ASEAN, requesting it to delay, indefinitely, acceptance of Burma under the SLORC, as a member of the organization.

10. Agreement on Reunion

We, the Ethnic Nationalities Seminar, agree to maintain and implement the results of the seminar and to have a reunion at least once a year.

1. (Gen. Aung Than Lay)
Karen National Progressive Party

2. (Col. Khun Okker)
Pa-O People's Liberation Organization

3. (Col Maha Sean)
Wa National Organization

4. (Col Sai Pao Sing)
United Wa State Party

5. (Mai Aik Phone)
Palaung State Liberation Front

6. (Col. Zau Seng)
Kachin Independent Organization

7. (Khing Myat Kyaw)
All Araken Students and youth congress

8. (B. Kya Oo)
Lahu Democratic Front

9. (Nai Han Tha)
New Mon State Party

10. (Khing Soe Naing Aung)
Araken Liberation Party

11. (Khun Na Ruh)
Kayan New Land Party

12. (Sao Oac Kesi)
Shan United Revolutionary Army

13. (Slai Shwe Kha)
Chin National Front

14. (Khun Home)
Shan Democratic Union

15. (Gen Saw Bo Mya)
Karen National Union

16. Individual Delegates

(i) Chao-Tzang Yawnghwe

(ii) Naw Louish Benson

(iii) Khun Marko Ban