Myanmar Law (1992)
Myarmar Law(1992):
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The State Law and Order Restoration Council
The Law for the Repeal of Laws
(The State Law and Order Restoration Council Law No. 1/92)
The 1st Waning Day of Tabodwe, 1353 ME
(19th February, 1992)

Whereas it is expedient to provide for the repeal of certain laws from among existing laws, which on scrutiny have been found to be no longer in conformity with the changing circumstances, laws which have not been in use for a very long time and laws for which there are no reasons for use in future, the State Law and Order Restoration Council hereby enacts this Law.

1. This Law shall be called the Law for the Repeal of Laws.

2. The following laws are hereby repealed -

(1) The State Prisoners Regulation;

(2) The Slavery Act;

(3) The Apprentices Act

(4) The Societies Registration Act

(5) The Waste Lands Claims Act;

(6) The Native Converts’ Marriage Dissolution Act;

(7) The Foreign Recruiting Act;

(8) The Dramatic Performances Act;

(9) The Opium Act;

(10) The Municipal Taxation Act;

(11) The Land Improvement Loans Act;

(12) The Agriculturists Loans Act;

(13) The Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act;

(14) The Tramways Act;

(15) The Metal Tokens Act;

(16) The Sugar Cane Act;

(17) The Charitable Endowments Act;

(18) The Railway Companies Act;

(19) The Inland Bonded Warehouses Act;

(20) The Leprosy Act;

(21) The Church of Scotland Kirk Session Act;

(22) The Foreign Marriage Act;

(23) The Fisheries Act;

(24) The Yangon Zoological Gardens Act;

(25) The Seditious Meetings Act;

(26) The White Phosphorus Matches Act;

(27) The Motor Spirits Duties Act•

(28) The Post Office Cash Certificates Act;

(29) The Water Hyancinth Act;

(30) The Ghee Adu1teration Act;

(31) The Local Authorities Pensions and Gratuities Act;

(32) The Maintenance Orders Enforcement Act;

(33) The Emigration Act;

(34) The Myanmar Income-tax Act;

(35) The Disposal of Police Officers’ Estates Act;

(36) The Police (Incitement to Disaffection) Act;

(37) The Anti-Boycott Act;

(38) The Cotton Cess Act;

(39) The Soldiers Litigation Act;

(40) The Provident Funds Act;

(41) The Cotton Industry Statistics Act;

(42) The Expulsion of Offenders Act;

(43) The Insurance Companies Act;

(44) The Betting Tax Act;

(45) The Food and Drugs Act;

(46) The Financial Commissioners Act;

(47) The Child Marriage Restraint Act;

(48) The Dangerous Drugs Act;

(49) The Silver (Excise Duty) Act;

(50) The Lac Cess Act;

(51) The Provisional Collection of Taxes Act;

(52) The Cigarettes Duty Act;

(53) The Finance Supplementary and Extending Act, 1931.

(54) The Picketing Act;

(55) The Children (Pledging of Labour) Act;

(56) The Sugar (Excise Duty) Act;

(57) The Matches (Excise Duty) Act;

(58) The Iron and Steel Duties Act;

(59) The Land Alienation Act;

(60) The Volunteer Forces (Protection in Civil Employment) Act;

(61) The Myanmar Naval Volunteer Reserve (Discipline) Act;

(62) The Myanmar Laws (Adaptation) Act, 1940.

(63) The Myanmar Volunteer Air Force (Discipline) Act;

(64) The Myanmar Land Purchase Act;

(65) The Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act, 1943;

(66) The Women’s Auxiliary Service (Myanmar) Act;

(67) The Myanmar Indemnity and Validating Act, 1945;

(68) The Companies (War-Time Provisions) Act, 1945;

(69) The Myanmar Military Nursing Service Act;

(70) The Myanmar Daylight Saving Act;

(71) The Present War Termination (Definition) Act, 1946;

(72) The Tenancy Act, 1946;

(73) The Sanction for Prosecution (War-Time Offences) Act, 1946;

(74) The War-Time Crimes (Exemption) Act, 1946;

(75) The Monthly Leases (Termination) Act, 1946;

(76) The Accrual of Interest (War-Time Adjustment) Act;

(77) The Myanmar Stamp (Amendment) (Validating) Act;

(78) The Railways (Motor Transport Services) Act;

(79) The Agricultural Debts Moratorium Act, 1947;

(80) The Japanese Currency (Evaluation) Act;

(81) The Bankers’ Books (inspection) Act;

(82) The Entertainment Tax Act;

(83) The Savings Stamps Act;

(84) The Search (Special Power) Act;

(85) The Union Constabulary Act;

(86) The Union of Myanmar (Adaptation of Laws) Order, 1948;

(87) The Union President (Salaries and Allowances) Act;

(88) The Union President Seal Act;

(89) The Union Government (Member Ministers’ Salaries) Act;

(90) The Parliamentary Secretaries Act;

(91) The Exemption of Designations of Members of State Government, Chairman and Vice-Chairman of State Council from Class of Beneficiary Designations Act;

(92) The Parliament Office Atc; ‘L (93) The Parliament Election Act;

(94) The Electricity Supply Act;

(95) The Hotel and Restaurant Tax Act; K (96) The Union President Election Act;

(97) The Expiring Laws Continuance Act;

(98) The Union of Myanmar Right to Exploitation (Permitted) of Natural Resources Act;

(99) The Suppression of Opium Den Act;

(100) The National health Council Act

(101) The Buddhist Religious Association Act;

(102) The State Timber Board Act;

(103) The Union of Myanmar Railways Administration Board Act;

(104) The Special Civil Court Act;

(105) The Salaries of President and Vice-President of the Union Parliamentary Chamber of Nationalities and Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Parliament Act

(106) The Members of Parliament (Salaries and Allowance) Act;

(107) The Expansion of the Karen State Act of 1952

(108) The Sale Tax Act of 1952;

(109) The Allowances of the Chin Affairs Councillors Act of 1952;

(110) The Monetary Basic Rate (References) Act;

(111) The Salaries and Allowances of Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Chin Affairs Council Act of 1954

(112) The Amnesty and Maintenance Act of 1954;

(113) The Union of Myanmar Cultural Council Act of 1955;

(114) The Compulsory Registration of Opium Consumers Act of 1955;

(115) The Borrowing and Securing for Borrowed Money (International Rehabilitation and Development Bank) Act of 1956;

(116) The Amnesty and Maintenance Act of 1956;

(117) The Life Assurance Business (Prohibition) Act of 1957;

(118) The Registration of Private Nursing Clinics Act of 1957;

(119) The Suspension of Payment of Debt by the Government Servants Act of 1957

(120) The Relief of Debt of the Government Servants Act of 1957;

(121) The Powers and Privileges of Members of Parliament Act of 1959;

(122) The Compulsory Indirect Insurance System Act of 1961;

(123) The State Urban Planning Act of 1961;

(124) The Union of Myanmar Economic Development Corporation Act of 1961

(125) The (International Rehabilitation and Development Bank) Insurance Act of 1961;

(126) The Election Commission Act of 1961;

(127) The Industrial Expansion Corporation Law;

(128) The Loan for Artists Act;

(129) The Union of Myanmar Medical Research Council Law

(130) The Union of Myanmar Sarpay Beikman Administration Board Law of 1963;

(131) The Union of Myanmar Road Transport Board Law of 1963,

(132) The Union of Myanmar Motion Pictures Enterprise Board Law of 1963;

(133) The Chemicals Exploration and Production Corporation Law of 1965;

(134) The Law Relating to Infringement of Party Discipline;

(135) The Revocation from Duty Law;

(136) The Goods and Services Tax Law

( 137) The Resignation and Substitute Election Law.

Sd./ Saw Maung
Senior General
The State Law and Order Restoration Council

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