Myanmar Law (1993)
Myarmar Law(1993):
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The State Law and Order Restoration Council
The Law for the (Second Time) Repeal of Laws
(The State Law and Order Restoration Council Law No. 4/93)
The 9th Waning Day of Hnaung Tagu, 1354 ME.
(31st March, 1993)

Whereas It is expedient to provide for the repeal of certain laws I among existing laws, which on scrutinizing again, have been found to be no longer in conformity with the changing circumstances, laws which have been in use for a long time and laws for which there are no reasons for in future, the State Law and Order Restoration Council hereby enacts Law.

1. This Law shall be called the Law for the (Second Time) Repeal of Laws.

2. The following laws are hereby repealed; -

(a) The Stage Carriages Act.

(b) the Pilots Act.

(c) The Provident Insurance Societies Act.

(d) The Life Assurance Companies Act.

(e) The Companies Foreign Interests Act.

(f) The Cotton Transport Act.

(g) The Contributory Provident Funds Act.

(h) The Myanmar Patents and Designs Act, 1945.

(I) The Liabilities (Wan Time Adjustment) Act, 1945.

(k) The Compassionate Allowance for Aged Members of the Royal Family Act.

(I) The Business Premises Tax Act of 1956;

(m) The Money- Lenders Law of 1962.

(n) The Union of Myanmar Frontier Areas Administration Law of 1962.

Sd/Than Shwe
The State Law and Order Restoration Council


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