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The Burma Code Volume 2: The Arms (Temporary Amendment) Act

[ACT LI, 1951] (27th October, 1951)

It is hereby enacted as follows: —

1. This Act shall remain in force until such date as the President of Union may, by notification, direct that it shall no longer be in force; and the provisions of section 5 of the Burma General Clauses Act as respects the repeal of an enactment shall have effect when this Act ceases to be in force by virtue of such notification.

2. So long as this Act remains in force, the Arms Act shall have effect as if the following had been inserted after section 19 of the said Act as section thereof, namely: —

The Burma Code Volume 2: The Arms Act




1. Savings.

2-3. * * * *

4. Interpretation-clause.


5. Unlicensed manufacture, conversion and sale prohibited.


6. Unlicensed importation and exportation prohibited.

Importation and exportation of arms and ammunition for private use.

7. Sanction of President required to warehousing of arms, etc.

8-9. * * * *

10. Power to prohibit transport.

The Burma Code Volume 2: The Burma Official Secrets Act

[INDIA ACT XIX, 1923] (2nd April, 1923)

11. This Act extends to the whole of the Union of Burma, and applies also to all all citizens of the Union and all servants of the Government wherever they may be.

Foot Note: 1. Substituted by the Union of Burma (Adaptation of Laws) Order, 1948.

2. In this Act, unless there is anything repugnant in tine subject or context,—

(1) any reference to a place belonging to [the State]1 includes a place occupied by any department of the Government, whether the place is or is not actually vested in [the State]1;

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